Originally founded by Antoine Helal in Lebanon in 1965, Helal & Partners moved its head office to Abu Dhabi as early as 1968. The consultant firm has since gained a strong reputation in the United Arab Emirates for the excellence of its work. The firm composed of architects and engineers has completed work in a wide array of sectors including urban development, office high-rise buildings, residential architecture (apartment high-rise towers, residential compounds, palaces, private and commercial villas), government and institutional architecture as well as interior design.


More than simply designing a built environment, Helal & Partners strives to conceive its projects as an extension of the human body, yet another layer of skin between the individual and society. Human experience of architecture is therefore at the center of every project. Furthermore, the understanding that architecture is a responsible and conscient act of shaping the urban matrix is embedded in our design process, underlining the bigger picture of participating in shaping livable environments and the human experience of them.

Project Methodology

Helal & Partners key operating principle is teamwork. From the inception to completion, a full team of architects, engineers and specialists are brought to collaborate and think outside of the box, in order to offer to each Client the best solutions for his project. The span of services offered extending from the front-end architectural and engineering to commissioning of the facilities including planning, feasibility and impact studies, technical design and project construction management and supervision, a continuous coordination between all sections is applied to each project. The Client is considered as a main actor in all phases of design and execution and is implicated in all decision making processes guaranteeing a successful achievement of his goals and visions. The continuous and transparent communication at all times, allows all members of the team including the Client to keep track of the budgetary and time targets.