Architectural Design

We offer full architectural design services, including:
- Architectural Concept Design
- Architectural Preliminary Design
- Architectural Detailed Design
- Architectural Tender Documents

Interior Design

We offer a full interior design services, including:
- Concept interior design
- Preliminary interior design
- Selection of materials, furniture, fixtures and equipments
- Detailed interior design
- Interior design tender documents

Structural Design

We offer full structural design services, including:
- Structural preliminary design
- Structural detailed design, schedules and calculations
- Structural tender documents

Electrical Design

We offer full electrical design services for power, telephone, lighting, CCTV, SMATV, Fire Alarm, including:
- Electrical preliminary design
- Electrical detailed design
- Electrical tender documents

Mechanical Design

We offer full mechanical design services for air conditioning, ventilation, water supply, drainage and fire fighting, including:
- Mechanical preliminary design
- Mechanical detailed design
- Mechanical tender documents

Feasibility Study

We offer full feasibility study services, including:
- Concept budget estimation
- Preliminary budget estimation
- Detailed budget estimation

Authority review

We offer full authority review and permitting services for all authorities implicated in each project, including:
- UPC Approval
- Civil Defense NOC
- Estidama Approval
- DOT Approval
- ADM Architectural & Structural Approval
- ADM Building Permit
- NOCs from Etisalat, ADDC Electricity, ADDC Water, ADSSC, TRANSCO, GASCO, Public Gardens, Defense, Civil Aviation

Tender Management

We offer full tender management services, including:
- Contractors pre-qualification process
- Tender launch
- Tender clarifications
- Tender result opening
- Tender analysis
- Value engineering

Project Management

We offer full project management services, including:
- Contract management
- Construction management
- Cost management

Site Supervision

We offer full site supervision services, including:
- Structural works supervision
- Civil works supervision
- MEP works supervision
- Architectural works supervision
- Interior Design works supervision
- Handing over to authorities